Determine ignore strategy
Snyk recommends a best practice of fixing, patching, or removing vulnerable dependencies whenever possible.
However, sometimes it is necessary to ignore an issue. Ignoring an issue helps prevent it from reappearing in your Snyk tests, either for a set period of time or permanently. You can also ignore issues to prevent them from failing builds in the CI/CD process.
For example, if an issue doesn't currently have a fix, you may want to ignore it until it does. Or if an issue has a path that makes it non-exploitable, you may postpone fixing the issue for a certain period of time. Sometimes as a matter of prioritization, you decide to postpone certain issues so that your resources can focus on more critical issues.
Whatever the reason for ignoring an issue, you will want to define how ignore policies are applied to projects in your first organization.
Last modified 2mo ago
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